[Press Release] A launch of 16th Korea Queer Culture Festival t-shirt with official slogan

A launch of 16th Korea Queer Culture Festival t-shirt with official slogan

- The T-shirt design visualized the slogan of love and resistance.

- T-shirts can be purchased on the official website.

- A relay of KQCF t-shirt photo shot event started on the official KQCF account

2015년 제16회 퀴어문화축제 메시지 티셔츠 출시 (1).jpg

[June 8, 2015] Korea Queer Culture Festival (Director of KQCF, Myung Jin Kang, www.kqcf.org) announced they would launch the t-shirt utilizing the slogan to celebrate 2015 16th KQCF.

The official slogan of the 16th KQCF is ‘Love, Resist, Queer Revolution!’. A design of the slogan is motivated by Ω, a symbol of the electric resistance and created with the font image of ‘LOVE’ from the ‘REVOLUTION’.

The t-shirts would be launched with 3 different kinds, a white one printed the basic slogan design, and black and white two separated t-shirts with the pop art look. Thanks to the cooperation from the U.S. Embassy, this message t-shirts were manufactured with $500 financial support by GLIFAA (Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Agencies Association) as the GLIFAA subsidy. The price of the t-shirt is 20,000 KRW. There would be two ways of purchasing the t-shirt, through the KQCF official website (www.kqcf.org) and at the KQCF opening ceremony on-site. Profits from selling the item will be used for the KQCF opening ceremony and the management of the festival.

Along with the launch and sale of the t-shirt, KQCF would organize the t-shirt proof shot event via KQCF official twitter (@kqcf) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/kqcf2000). Should you have any question regarding the purchase of the t-shirt or the participation of the event, the guidance would be provided through the KQCF official website (www.kqcf.org) and the official contact (kqcf@daum.net).

Meanwhile, 2015 16th KQCF will be held from June 9th to 28th at the various places in Seoul. Starting from the Opening Ceremony at the Seoul City Square on June 9th via YouTube live streaming, hosting the official party on 13th, there would be Korea Queer Film Festival from 18th to 21st. Last but not least, the Parade, as the highlight of the festival, would be held at the Seoul City Square on 28th and the expected participants for the 6th KQCF are around 30,000.