[Press Release] The 16th Korea Queer Culture Festival 2015 Opened amid Celebration from Various Countries

Seoul Plaza covered by rainbow – the festival will continue until

Seoul Queer Parade Day (June 28th)

The 16th Korea Queer Culture Festival 2015

Opened amid Celebration from Various Countries

- The first event by sexual minority organization held in Seoul Plaza

- Opening ceremony replaced by online broadcasting via YouTube

- Embassies from 17 countries including the US, Canada, and Europe participated

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[June 11, 2015] With the successful held of opening ceremony at Seoul Plaza, The 16th Korea Queer Culture Festival 2015 (KQCF hereafter) has started on its big run of 3 weeks.

The KQCF Organization Committee (KQCF OC hereafter, Myeongjin Kang as the chief of OC, www.kqcf.org) reported that the opening ceremony of the 16th KQCF was successfully held in the Seoul Plaza (Seoul City Hall Square), the center of Seoul, with real time online broadcasting via YouTube.

Held on Tuesday, June 9th, the opening ceremony of KQCF has a great meaning in a way that this was the first event by a sexual minority organization in Seoul Plaza. Due to the drastic spread of MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), however, the opening ceremony was replaced by real time online broadcasting via YouTube to guarantee the safety of participants. Throughout the approximate 2 hour long ceremony, congratulatory messages from various people and organizations and wonderful performances took place. As the onstage energy in the field was heated up, the maximum connection number in YouTube channel once reached by almost 2,000.

At that day, in the opening ceremony, there were many representatives from Rainbow Action, Korea Womenlink, religious communities, Kyeong-ran Moon (the chief of Seoul Commission on Human Rights), and embassies from 17 countries including the US, Canada, England, Germany, France and the European Union Representative Department. They came on the stage showing their support and encouragement toward sexual minorities in Korea, assuring that the whole world has a high interest in KQCF and human rights issues including the right of sexual minorities in Korea.

(Embassies on stage(17) : The EU Representative Department, Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, the Argentine Republic, Canada, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Spain, the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States)

Myeongjin Kang, the chief of KQCF OC, said, “Despite many challenges that occurred prior to the opening ceremony, we were able to carry it out thanks to support and encouragement from the public for sexual minorities. We ask for your ongoing support and participation in our upcoming programs in the next three weeks. We are committed to make the Parade on June 28th successfully even if there will be much expected challenges. We hope to instill pride in the heart of Seoul in the Seoul Plaza.”

The 16th Korea Queer Culture Festival will be proceeded throughout Seoul to June 28th. Starting from the opening ceremony on June 9th and followed by the official party – Private Beach on June 13th, the Korea Queer Film Festival will be held from 18th to 21st of June. The Seoul Queer Parade, as a highlight of KQCF, will be held on June 28th in Seoul Plaza with anticipated participants of 30,000. For more information, please visit the official website: http//www.kqcf.org