[Press Release] The 17th Annual 2016 Korea Queer Festival Slogan has released

The 17th Annual 2016 Korea Queer Festival Slogan has released

“Queer I Am, Fight for Our Existence”

-Advocating ‘Sexual minorities happily living as who they are, here and now.'

-The organizing committee “We will show our presence in a more enthusiastic way by the festival this year”


Korea Queer Culture Festival (KQCF), the biggest event for sexual minorities in South Korea, took their first steps to the successfully hold this year’s festival by releasing the festival’s slogan.

On April 7th, the KQCF Organizing Committee (Myeongjin KANG, Chairperson) announced ‘Queer I Am, Fight for Our Existence’ as their choice for slogan this year.

Based on the phrase ‘here I am,’ this year’s slogan changed ‘here’ into ‘Queer,’ underlining that even if the discrimination and hate against sexual minorities persists, we will keep living as who we are , living as queers here and now. It also signifies the uncompromising message that we are tirelessly engaged in educating all of those around us of our continued existence as sexual minorities.

The slogan design embodies the meaning of ‘Queer I Am’. Using two hearts, it symbolizes not a single form of love, but the multiplicity of love that derive from ‘two people.’ Through the heart lies the Seoul, the venue for KQCF, with the colors of the rainbow representing the way sexual minorities are happily living. The overlapping area of the two hearts is modified into a pin-point-shape, stressing that sexual minorities are present at the here and in the now.

Myeongjin KANG, the chairperson of KQCF, said, “The slogan of this year’s festival demonstrates that sexual minorities are willing to enjoy the festival as they are, with pride and confidence. Even if the people opposing our rights continue to ignore the existence of sexual minorities while also disrupting the festival, sexual minorities are existing right here. Their own existence should never be denied. We will show that through the 17th Korea Queer Culture Festival.”

The 17th annual 2016 Korea Queer Culture Festival will be held this upcoming June in Seoul. In addition to the Seoul Queer Parade, there will be a variety of programs included in the Queer Culture Festival, such as the Korea Queer Film Festival (KQFF), club parties, and other events. At the 16th annual 2015 queer parade at Seoul City Hall, there were 30,000 participants, and a total of 50,000 participants for all the 2015 Korea Queer Culture Festival programs. <fin>