[notice] Announcement of the slogan of 17th Queer Culture Festival 2016





<Announcement of the slogan of 17th Queer Culture Festival 2016>


Let us imagine one day of somebody’s life.


So that person, “I”, is a daughter having breakfast with her family in the morning. Then I become a passenger on the bus. I am a student when in the classroom. And I’m also a part-time worker in a café. Sometimes, I am someone’s friend who keeps texting and chatting.

Even during this one day, there were so many “I”s.


In that case, who am “I”? Am I a daughter? Am I a student? Or am I a mere sum of all these roles and the identities? I cannot be fully explained with only a few words.


I, alone, carry so many looks and images,

And yet it is utterly absurd for the countless people of this world to have to be but one kind: a cisgender heterosexual. They know nothing at all.

L, G, B, T, A, I, Q: This is what we say. However, we cannot still fully explain our lives with those 7 letters, or even with all the 26 letters of the alphabet, as every single life has its own unique color.


We are just queer.

And here we are, just as we are.

Nobody can deny us simply by saying that non-heterosexuality is ‘not allowed’.


This June, we continue the marching on the streets, the holding of the parade, and gleefully play on the plaza.

QUEER I AM — I am queer, and here I am.

Fight for our existence.


No matter where we are in our daily lives, or at the festival, we keep living as we are. So we live as queers.


Let’s meet this June at the plaza. We’ll see you then. Let us see how queer we are, how queer you are, and how beautiful the rainbow that we queers make will be. We want to see you at the Queer Parade!


“QUEER I AM, Fight for our existence!”