[Application] 2017 18th Korea Queer Festival Performance Team Application


2017 18th Korea Queer Festival

Performance team Application

We are receiving applications of performance teams for the KQF which will be held in middle of June, 2016.

We are looking for performance teams who would make KQF more unique and special.

Every year, there have been fabulous performances expressing their pride of being queer.

We encourage you to join in who are sympathetic to the slogan of this year,

“There’s no LATER, We demand a CHANGE NOW!”

Notice to Applicants

1. Read Performance Guidance Before you apply

Before you fill in the application form, please read “Performance Guideline” carefully.

Performance Guideline is available on our official website.

2. Be sympathetic to the slogan and the nature of Korea Queer Festival

Performance teams who understand the nature of the festival and

who would express the 18th Korea Queer Festival slogan well will receive extra credits.

3. Performance & Rehearsal time

Each team will have 10 minutes to perform, 5 minutes for rehearsal.

4. Contact person

We would need a person in each performance team who would get in touch with us.

It is for providing notifications, collecting sound sources, and contacting in case of emergency.

How to Apply

Fill in the online application form



Sunday, 2 April 2017, midnight (GMT +9)

Result announcement

The result will be announced on the Notice bulletin board of official website

within 2 weeks after the deadline.


qparade_kr@naver.com (KQF Parade Team)