2018 19th Seoul Queer Culture Festival (SQCF)



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2018 19th Seoul Queer Culture Festival (SQCF)

Schedule: 7/13(Fri) ~ 7/22(Sun)
Slogan: Queeround
Events: PRISM OF ART: Bloom in human right, culture, and art / Seoul Queer Parade (SQCF) / Korea Queer Film Festival (KQFF)


Official Website: sqcf.org
Official Email: contact@sqcf.org
Facebook: @sqcforg
Twitter: @sqcforg

Host: Seoul Queer Culture Festival Organizing Committee


1. PRISM OF ART: Bloom in human right, culture, and art
July 13th (Fri) 19:00~21:00
Annex, Human Rights Center, National Human rigths Commission of Korea (340, Samil-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea)

Host/Managed by: Seoul Queer Culture Festival Organizing Committee
Sponsored by: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Seoul, National Human rigths Commission of Korea

2. 2018 19th Seoul Queer Parade (SQP)
July 14th (Sat)
Seoul Plaza


Website: sqcf.org/sqp
Facebook: @sqpexe
Twitter: @sqpexe

Host: Seoul Queer Culture Festival Organizing Committee
Managed by: Seoul Queer Parade Planning Team


① 11:00~19:00 Booths Event
You can experience various participatory programs of about 100 booths. Please enjoy gifts prepared only for all the participants!

② 14:00~16:30 Welcome Stage
Before the parade starts, let’s warm up! Shout out loud!

③ 16:30~17:50 Parade
With 8 parade cars and automobile team ‘Queer Riders’, show our pride as gender minorities in the middle of Seoul! Let’s color the main street of Seoul with rainbow! Let’s make it Queeround!
④ 18:30 ~ 19:30 Celebration Stage
Let’s celebrate that the parade is finished well, that we can meet again next year, now here, and everything!

Parade Cautions
- The scheduled departure time for the parade is 16:30.
Please refer to the announcement of the stage hosts as there may be any change according to the situation on site.

- Please be careful not to leave the parade line when you march.
Buses and cars pass through the opposite lane of the parade line. Please be aware of this when you shoot, move between parade cars, or dance.

- Please follow the staffs’ requests.
Staffs are working to prevent accidents.

- When you are returning from the parade, be sure to go straight back into Seoul Plaza.
If the destination spot is congested, the following vehicles and participants cannot enter into the plaza. The celebration stage will be ready right away, so please move into the Seoul Plaza.


Guide for participants
① When entering/ leaving
- Entrance and exit are separated for your safety.
- In order to prevent clashes with the phobic groups, we ask for your understanding that access to the venue will be controlled in part.

② Emergency situations/ When you need first aid
- The infirmary is near the entrance.
- If you need emergency medical care such as you are sick or injured, please come to the infirmary.
- If you feel dizzy with hot weather or need a little rest, you can go to bed in the infirmary.

③ When reporting any incident(theft, loss, sexual/physical/ mental violence)
- Even if it is difficult to solve all kinds of incidents perfectly, we operate an incident reception booth to help preventing incidents in near future, recording and analyzing, and officially reporting to the police.
- If there is any incident such as theft, loss, sexual/physical/mental violence, please come to the incident reception booth, discuss, and report the case.
- If possible, immediately record the time and place of the incident, look and dressing of the perpetrator, and record pictures/videos. It is better to ask the people around you for help with your testimony and records. If you submit your records together with your report, the scope of handling your case will widen.

④ When someone wants to cover/shoot a participant
- The Seoul Queer Culture Festival Organizing Committee is issuing press cards along with the distribution of coverage/shooting guidelines on all kinds of media.
- Make sure that reporters/cameramen have the press cards or not, and ask for a business card(or contact information). (It helps to take countermeasures.)

⑤ When reporters/cameramen distribute their covering/shooting of the SQCF participants to unspecified individuals
- If you want to distribute your covering/shooting of the SQCF participants to unspecified individuals, you must get a press card.

- Issued to: All kinds of media such as broadcasting, newspapers, magazines, internet media(webzine), and journalist/ professional photographer/ camera crew of documentary/ internet broadcasting, and video media such as Youtube, and Africa TV, etc/ online group such as Café, and band, etc

- Press booth operation hours: 10:00~19:00

- Press card issuance procedure
1. Please complete documents.
2. Please submit your business card with the documents you have filled out.
3. Please pay 1,000 won deposit.
4. Get a press card.
5. Even if you have received a press card, you must share your business card(or contact info) with the participant if you want to cover/shoot him/her individually.
6. The results of the covering/shooting must be in accordance with the Korean Press Association's "Human Rights Reporting Rules Chapter 8 Gender Minority and Human Rights" provision.

⑥ When moving with a wheelchair
- Seoul Plaza is wheelchair accessible

⑦ When you go to toilets
- The movable toilets installed by the SQCF organizing committee is operated as gender neutral.
The movable toilets are located on the right side(exit direction) of the stage.
- You can also use the toilets of the exit 5 of Seoul City Hall Station Line 1 and the surrounding buildings.

⑧ When you smoke
- Seoul Plaza is non-smoking area. You must go out of the plaza and use surrounding smoking areas.

⑨ The SQCF Organizing Committee gets <Event Insurance> for the safety of all participants and staffs.

3. 2018 18th Korea Queer Film Festival (KQFF)
July 19th (Thurs) ~ 22nd (Sun)
Daehan Cinema Hall1, Hall2 (212, Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea)


Website: kqff.co.kr
Facebook: @kqcfkqff
Twitter: @kqcfkqff
Host: Seoul Queer Culture Festival Organizing Committee
Managed by: Korea Queer Film Festival Executive Committee

For more information about the films (e.g., trailer, synopsis etc), please visit the English version of the KQFF website(kqff.co.kr).


Ticket info

Opening Films: 10,000 won (including entrance to Opening ceremony)
Closing Films: 10,000 won (including entrance to Closing ceremony)
General Tickets: 7,000 won
Queer Midnight: 15,000 won

Online Reservation
Tickets may be purchased online at the Daehan Cinema website  (http://www.daehancinema.co.kr/Reserve/Reserve_Play.asp)

Offiline Reservation
Tickets may be purchased at the KQFF box office and from the ticket vending machines at the Daehan Cinema throughout the festival period (July 19th – 22rd)


Note: All films without any specific mark are Korean films and all non-Korean language films are subtitled in Korean.

E English, NE Non-English languages + English subtitles, U no dialogue,
GV Guest Visit, QT Q-Talk