[Application] 2019 20th Seoul Queer Parade (SQP) Performance Team Applications Open






Duration: March 4th 2019 ~ March 20th (UTC+09:00)

How to apply: Fill out application form on the link → http://bitly.kr/qsCeV

Result Announcement: 2 weeks after the deadline, on our official website (sqcf.org)



The things below are what application form should include.


Team Introduction Document

Please submit your team’s introduction document.

Let us know about your team as much as possible. Tell us what you have done before, what you are going to do, how many people your team has, which genre are you in (dance, vocal, band etc.). 


Performance Proposal

Please submit proposal document for 8 to 10 minutes performance.


The document should be more than 300 words. Followings must be included in the proposal.

・ Performance concept

・ Purpose of the performance (Messages you want to give through the show)

・ Detailed plan (Stage direction and contents of the show)

・ If musical instruments is needed, the list and number of instruments


Person in charge and contacts

There should be a person in charge who can communicate in Korean and attend the whole process (from application to the SQP day).

Let us know the name and contact of the person in charge to contact with Seoul Queer Culture Festival Organizing Committee. For better communication, please make sure the contact number will not be changed during preparation time. 

All of announcements will be delivered through the person in charge on application form. Seoul Queer Culture Festival Organizing Committee is not responsible for the disadvantages caused by the absence of the person in charge or not checking announcement.


Selection of music

Please submit lists of the music that will be included in the performance.

If you edited the music by yourself, please include the length of the edited version and a list of the original songs.

ex) 1. name of the singer – title of the song (length 0:00~0:00), 2. name of the singer – title of the song (length 0:00~0:00)


Performance video

Please submit a video clip (or clips) that contains your actual performance within 2 years or practice recording within 6 months.





Q: How should we prepare the music?

A: There will be announcement of performance music collection 5~15days before the SQP day. We gather audio files via mail and test beforehand. Keep in mind that you cannot change the music on the day of the SQP.


Q: Do you have a waiting room?

A: Yes. We have a waiting room for performers near the stage where you can change clothes and stay while waiting).


Q: What if the additional equipment more than provided equipments is needed?

A: If you do, please write them on the performance proposal minutely. The equipments not included in the proposal or not permitted beforehand are not allowed on the stage.


Provided equipments: 

・ Wired / Wireless microphone 00ea

・ Microphone stand 00ea

・ Guitar Amp 2ea

・ Bass amp 1ea

・ Drum 1set

・ Synthesizer 1ea

・ Synthesizer two-stage stand 1ea


Q: Can we spray water or throw sweets during the performance?

A: No. For safety’s sake, please refrain from throwing anything on/from the stage. Please let us know in advance if you need some effects (ex. paper flowers).


Q: Can we play a video clip on the electronic board on stage?

A: Yes, you can. Please also provide details of the video clip in the proposal. After the result announcement is made, we will announce the deadline for submitting video and lyrics. Please make sure you submit them by the deadline date. 

Keep in mind: only the video clips that are included in your proposal and arranged in advance with Seoul Queer Culture Festival Organizing Committee can be played.


Q: Can our performance team manager or make-up artist enter the waiting room?

A: Only the persons who requested their ID card beforehand can enter the waiting room. After result announcement, please let us know your team members and their names through your person in charge. It is banned to enter waiting room without ID card on the SQP day(If you do not possess your ID card, you cannot enter the waiting room on the SQP day).


Q: We don’t have our own make-up artist. Do you provide make-up service?

A: We are afraid we do not provide the service. We suggest you prepare the make-up you need by yourselves.




Photo: 2018 19th Seoul Queer Parade (SQP)

Please specify copyright when you use the photo: Seoul Queer Culture Festival Organizing Committee