[Notice] 20th Anniversary Special Event <Seoul Pink Dot> : Seoul will have its own Pink Dot in 2019!

Seoul will have its own Pink Dot in 2019!



Pink Dot is an event that started in 2009 in Singapore. Like South Korea, Singapore saw the rise of the LGBT rights movement in the 90’s. In a country where the law—section 377A of its Penal Code—criminalizes all sexual acts between men, and where the freedom of assembly is extremely limited, Singaporean LGBT rights activists strived for the repeal of section 377A and against anti-LGBT hate and prejudice. As part of such efforts, following the relaxation of regulations governing public protests at Singapore’s Hong Lim Park, activists organized an event in 2009 that would increase LGBT visibility. Its aim was to demonstrate that there are people in Singapore who are tolerant and unbiased towards the LGBT community, and that people could coexist in mutual respect, unity, and solidarity, regardless of one’s sexual orientation or gender identity. This is “Pink Dot,” an event where everyone forms a big pink dot together. 


On the day of Pink Dot, people who believe in equality, love, coexistence, and freedom gather at Hong Lim Park dressed in pink. As if on a picnic, they spread out picnic blankets and enjoy food and conversation with friends, family, and colleagues. Some participate in various booth programs to meet different people and share information. Many speak up, debate, and listen. Then, when night falls and darkness descends, everyone takes out their flashlights and torches. On the count of three, they light them up. Each and every pink light comes together to form one gigantic dot.


Starting out with approximately 2,500 participants in 2009, Pink Dot continues to grow year after year, with 10,000 in 2011 and 26,000 in 2014. An aerial shot of 2014’s Pink Dot was also featured as one of the “Most Uplifting Photos of 2014” by Time magazine. Pink Dot is also taking place in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Okinawa, Japan, serving as another unique way alongside pride parades to send out a powerful message to society.


In the year of the Seoul Queer Culture Festival’s 20th anniversary, we plan to form a Pink Dot at Seoul Plaza as a special event. Imagine Seoul Plaza, covered completely in pink by scores of LGBT people and allies. Doesn’t it double your excitement for the SQCF?


Seoul Pink Dot is scheduled from 5pm to 10pm on May 31st at Seoul Plaza, right before the day of the Seoul Queer Parade. Anyone is welcome to participate in Pink Dot. Feel free to enjoy a lovely May night at the grass lawns of the plaza. Exclusive booth programs and stage performances that do not overlap with the Seoul Queer Parade’s, and the highlight of the event, “lighting up Pink Dot,” will take place. We will announce more details in the future. See you at Seoul Pink Dot!




Photo of the 2018 10th Pink Dot Singapore │ Source: Pink dot Singapore (pinkdot.sg)