■ The 2020 21st Seoul Queer Parade Booth Applications Now Open (Until March 27th, 2020)

※ There must be at least one Korean-speaking person in charge. Applications must be filled out in Korean.



■ With diverse and colorful booths operated, Seoul Queer Parade has been held annually. The 21st Seoul Queer Parade are now recruiting units that will focus more on communication with participants by diverse participatory programs.


■ Celebrating its 21st anniversary this year, the Seoul Queer Culture Festival Organizing Committee is expecting to receive more booth applications than previous years.

Accordingly, there will be a selection process on booth applications after the application deadline. The results will be announced on our official website(http://sqcf.org/).

(The application’s compatibility with the spirit of the Seoul Queer Parade and the proposed booth program’s feasibility are our foremost considerations in evaluating applications.)

Please make sure to read the guidelines for booth applications and notices below before filling out the application form.


■ We look forward to having more diverse and colorful booths at the 21st Seoul Pride Parade.



1. General Information on the 2020 21st Seoul Queer Parade Booth Program

1) Number of booths installed: 90

2) Number of booth sections available per each team: 1

※ To ensure active participation from civic organizations and gatherings at the Seoul Pride Parade, we are imposing a 30% quota on the number of booths from public institutions and corporations.


2. Application Process

1) Application period: March 5th ~ March 27th, 2020 (until 23:59) (UTC+9)

2) How to apply: Access the application link(https://forms.gle/o5XzYE7sYxEARmGeA), complete, and submit your application for participation.

3) Application process: 

    (1) Submit the booth application within the application period

    (2) Announcement of the list of selected booths

    (3) Payment for the booth fees

    (4) Announcement on the booth operation guide and the location arrangement

4) The chosen units for the 2020 Seoul Queer Parade booth program will be announced on the announcement board on Seoul Queer Culture Festival official website(http://sqcf.org/) within two weeks after the application deadline.


3. Notices on Seoul Queer Parade Booth Applications

Last year, we were not able to accept 60 applications.

Please make sure to read this year’s renewed notices and fill out your application form with care, following the booth application guidelines.

(Like last year, penalties will apply in various aspects such as compliance to booth operation guidelines, the carrying-out of booth programs, and final clean-up. Please make sure to be informed of the guidelines.)


※ Download the booth application guideline → The202021stSeoulQueerParadeBoothApplicationGuidelines_SQCFORG.pdf


1) In past surveys from the Seoul Queer Parade participants, some pointed out that booths lacked variety, focusing only on sales of sponsorship items. Therefore, we ask that you propose booth programs that all participants can take part in and enjoy in your application. Your application will be evaluated based on the booth programs you have submitted, so please be as clear and specific as possible in your description.


2) Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at booth events.


3) You MUST have two people at your team who can be reached during the parade. Please put in their contact information in your application. (If you list your organization’s contact information or the personal contact information of only one person, effective communication on the day of the event may be hindered. Please put in the personal contact information of two different people. Also, there should be people staffing your booth even during the parade march.)


4) Each group or individual cannot apply for more than one booth.


5) Even if an accepted team decides to withdraw, no additional applications will be considered to make up for canceled booths. Please apply responsibly.


6) We do not accept rejected applicants applying for joint booth operation with accepted applicants. Please apply for joint booth operation in your initial application as we give preference to joint booth operators.

※ In case of a joint booth operation by two or more teams, the teams involved may split the booth fees among themselves.


4. Booth Fees

1) Non-profit civic organizations and individuals: 250,000 KRW (per one 3mx3m section)

2) For-profit corporations, embassies, and public institutions: please contact us separately(sqpexe@sqcf.org).


* Please apply after being fully aware of all booth application guidelines.

* We regret to announce an increase in booth fees from 200,000 KRW to 250,000 KRW from the 21st Seoul Queer Parade. As the annual number of participants in the Seoul Queer Parade has continued to increase, so has the size of the festival. Thus, we saw the increase in the expenses needed to host the festival, such as the venue rental fee of Seoul Plaza, the price of renting and installing booth items, and providing portable toilets due to the city law. As such, we were left with no alternative than to increase booth fees. This decision was made all to host the Seoul Queer Culture Festival more stably and sustainably. We thank you for your understanding.


5. Inquiries

1) Seoul Queer Parade related inquiries: sqpexe@sqcf.org

2) Booth related inquiries: booth.sqpexe@sqcf.org