The 2021 22nd Seoul Queer Culture Festival(SQCF) Information


The 2021 22nd Seoul Queer Culture Festival(SQCF) Information

“Burn Down the Age of Discrimination”

1. Scheduled Dates:

- 2021.06.26(Sat)~07.18(Sun)

2. Introduction:

-The Seoul Queer Culture Festival(SQCF) is a series of open cultural events hosted in Seoul every summer with the vision of creating a space where all people with diverse identities, including sexual orientation and gender identity, mingle equally and enjoy.

Since it first took place in 2000 under the name “Queer Culture Festival-Rainbow 2000,” the event has went through the names “Queer Culture Festival-Rainbow OOOO” and “Queer Culture Festival” before finally settling on “Seoul Queer Culture Festival” in 2018 and continues under this name today.

It offers the Seoul Queer Parade and the Korea Queer Film Festival as its main events, as well as other diverse events during the festival period.

It is hosted and organized by the Seoul Queer Culture Festival Organizing Committee, consisting of citizen volunteers.

※ In 2021, the events will mostly take place online due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

3. Host/Organizer:

- Seoul Queer Culture Festival Organizing Committee

4. Contact Information:

1) Website: https://sqcf.org/

2) E-mail: contact@sqcf.org

3) YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/sqcforg/

4) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sqcforg

5) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sqcforg

6) Twitter: https://twitter.com/sqcforg

5. Donation:

1)  General information in regard to making donations can be found in the following link(Korean): https://sqcf.org/donate

2) If donating from overseas, you may donate your desired amount through the following PayPal link: https://www.paypal.me/sqcforg

6. The 2021 21st Korea Queer Film Festival(KQFF)

1) Screening Information:

    (1) Online Screening Platform: Purplay(https://kqff2021.purplay.co.kr)

    (2) How to Use: Through Purplay’s PC or mobile website

    (3) Duration: June 27 (Sun) 10:00~July 18 (Sun) 24:00

        ※ Tickets may be purchased until July 18 21:00

    (4) Ticket Price: 7,000 KRW

    (5) How to Purchase: Sign up/log into Purplay’s website and purchase tickets on its [21st Korea Queer Film Festival Online Theater] page

    (6) Payment Methods: Credit card, KakaoPay, Micropayment, Real-time wire transfer, PayPal

    (7) Limitations: The following films have a limited number of tickets available

        ① <Under My Skin> 200 tickets

        ② <13 Fruitcakes> 200 tickets

    (8) Cancel/Refunds: [Online Theater Tickets] cannot be refunded once they are paid for

        ※ Tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded even if they were not used within screening time/period

    (9) Notice: All films will be watermarked

2) Reboot [KQFF 20th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony]:

    (1) June 26 (Sat) 2021

    (2) Seoul Queer Culture Festival’s YouTube Channel(https://www.youtube.com/c/sqcforg/)

    (3) The ceremony celebrates the 20th anniversary of Korea Queer Film Festival

3) KQFF Salon [KQFF 20th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony]:

    (1) July 4 (Sun)

    (2) Seoul Queer Culture Festival’s YouTube(https://www.youtube.com/c/sqcforg/) Channel(https://www.youtube.com/c/sqcforg/)

    (3) <KQFF Salon> shares the 20 years history of Korean queer film

4) GV(Guest Visit):

    (1) July 10 (Sat), July 17 (Sat)

    (2) A <GV> is an event that invites a member of a movie’s production team, such as the director, actor, or staff, to communicate with the audience. Please wait for further information.

5) Q-Talk(Queer movie TALK):

    - A <Q-Talk> is an in-depth conversation that focuses on a specific subject discussed in a movie

6) Program:

    - <13 Fruitcakes>, <28J3JCHF+P6>, <A Couple>, <AIDS DIVA: The Legend of Connie Norman>, <Always Amber>, <And We Collide>, <Baby Lies Truthfully>, <Belonging>, <Between Us>, <Bind>, <Blooming Love>, <Body Pride>, <Breakwater>, <Burning>, <Cocoon Love>, <Dearly>, <Diversity>, <Dramarama>, <Ellie & Abbie>, <Encounter>, <Expatriate Dreamer>, <Flesh(La Chair)>, <Genderation>, <Gendernauts>, <Girls Shouldn't Walk Alone at Night>, <Hidden>, <I am Here - We are together>, <I'm Okay (And Neither Are You)>, <Instructions to let go>, <Leeway>, <Lioness>, <Love in the Tinder age>, <MerB’ys>, <Morgana>, <My dear Yeon>, <My First Summer>, <Not in Tanzania>, <On White Wind Wall>, <Orange>, <Orville+Bob>, <Personals>, <Playback>, <Queer Genius>, <quite easy>, <Red Aninsri; or, Tiptoeing on the Still Trembling Berlin Wall>, <ROLLING>, <Shiba San and Meow Chan>, <Short Eyelashes>, <Silent Heat>, <Social inequality in mourning>, <Somewhat Cloudy Day Ahead of Us>, <Soy Sauce>, <Swingin'>, <That summer day>, <The Distance between Us and the Sky>, <The Elephant Joke>, <the gleaners, and: ritual for signaled bodies>, <The Lonely Prince>, <The Odyssey>, <The Rainbow Passage>, <The Sappho Project: fragment 147>, <The Way to The Sea>, <Touching an Elephant>, <Touchscreen>, <Under My Skin>, <Valentina>, <Wai(s)t>, <Where Is Our Love Song>, <Y2GAY>

7. The 2021 22nd Seoul Queer Parade(SQP) Information

1) Queer Booth ON [Online Booth]:

    (1) June 27 (Sun)~July 18 (Sun)

    (2) Seoul Queer Culture Festival website(https://sqcf.org/)

    (3) <Queer Booth ON> is an online booth program. Booths from various organizations set up online will be operated through the Seoul Queer Culture Festival website. 

2) Rainbow Live Everywhere [Online Performance]:

    (1) June 27 (Sun)

    (2) Seoul Queer Culture Festival YouTube channel(https://www.youtube.com/c/sqcforg/)

    (3) <Rainbow Live Everywhere>is an online performance program, broadcast through the Seoul Queer Culture Festival YouTube channel.

3) Breezing Through the Parade:

    (1) Transform Yourself with Drag Makeup

        - July 2 (Fri)

    (2) Create Your Own Sock Rainbow  

        - July 3 (Sat) 

    (3) One-Day Voguing

        - July 3 (Sat)

    (4) Checking in With Me

        - July 9 (Fri)

    (5) <Breezing Through the Parade> is a culture program aiming to promote Pride.

8. Other Events

- In addition to the two main events above, many more diverse events, such as the online talk show <SurPRIDE>, will take place during the span of the Seoul Queer Culture Festival.