The “Online Queer Parade 2022” Information


Online Queer Parade 2022 

1. What is the Online Queer Parade?

- The Online Queer Parade allowed us to overcome the limitations of the pandemic and meet each other in a virtual space. We were able to come together through queer hashtags at the Online Queer Parade.

Dotface hosted the first and second Online Queer Parade through 2020-2021. From 2022, the Seoul Queer Culture Festival Organizing Committee has been given the rights and reigns of the Online Queer Parade and will host and organize the event.

2. How do I participate?

Here’s how to participate in the Online Queer Parade 2022!

(Unfortunately, only a Korean version has been developed so far.)

1) Access the Online Queer Parade website.


2) Create and save your very own character.

Create your character with various items and click and hold on the final character image to save it.

3) Upload the saved image on your Instagram feed with the hashtags #우리의길은계속되지 #온라인퀴퍼2022 #서울퀴어문화축제 #OurRoadGoesEverOn #ShareWithPride . You can also add hashtags in Japanese( #私たちの道は続く ), Traditional Chinese( #我們的路仍將繼續 ), and Simplified Chinese( #我们的路仍将继续 ).

(Unfortunately, the text replacement feature on the same page is only developed in Korean so far.)

4) Time to show off! Click on one of the hashtags. See your character joining the parade with others!

Capture the screen and show it off everywhere.

3. You can donate to the Online Queer Parade from overseas! Donate through PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/sqcforg