The information about the 2022 22nd Korea Queer Film Festival(KQFF).(Event Details)


The 2022 22rd Korea Queer Film Festival(KQFF) 

1) Offline Screening Period and Venue: 

(1) 2022.07.22(Fri)~24(Sun), Laika Cinema

(2) 2022.07.23(Sat)~24(Sun), emu Cinema

2) Online Screening Period and Venue: 

- 2022.07.15(Fri)~31(Sun), Purplay(https://purplay.co.kr/kqff2022)

3) Website, Social Media:

(1) Website: https://www.kqff.co.kr/

(2) E-mail: kqff@kqff.co.kr

(3) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kqcfkqff

(4) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kqcfkqff

(5) Twitter: https://twitter.com/kqcfkqff

(6) Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/sqcforg/

4) Donation: 

(1) General information in regard to making donations can be found in the following link (Korean): https://www.sqcf.org/donate

(2) If donating from overseas, you may donate your desired amount through the following PayPal link: https://www.paypal.me/sqcforg

5) Screening Information: 

(1) Offline Screening Platform: 

① Platform: Laika Cinema(18, Yeonhui-ro 8-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul), emu Cinema(7, Gyeonghuigung 1ga-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul)

② Screening Period: Laika Cinema 2022.07.22(Fri)~24(Sun), emu Cinema 2022.07. 23(Fri)~ 24(Sun)

③ Ticket Price: General Film 9,000 KRW, Opening/Closing Ceremony 10,000 KRW

④ How to Purchase: Use the Laika Cinema website(http://www.laikacinema.com/) for Laika Cinema; use the emu Art Space website(http://www.emuartspace.com/) for emu Cinema

⑤ Notice:

i. All films showcased in 2022 the 22th Korean Queer Film Festival will start at the stated time, and late entry after 10 minutes since the start of the film will be limited. (Designated seats marked on the tickets are not guaranteed after the movie starts. In the case of the short film section, you can enter the auditorium after every short film is over.

ii. Some foods and drinks may not be allowed to ensure a pleasant theater experience for everyone. 

iii. At emu Cinema, there are seats for disabled audience members. However, please understand that one has to use stairs to get to the theater itself.

(2) Online Screening Platform

① Platform: Purplay(https://purplay.co.kr/kqff2022)

② Screening Period: 2022.07.15(Fri) 12:00~ 31(Sun) 24:00

※ Tickets may be purchased until the last day, July 31(Sun) 18:00

※ Tickets purchased on the last day, July 31(Sun), can be used until 24:00

③ How to Use: Through Purplay’s PC or mobile website

④ Ticket Price: Short Film 2,000 KRW, Long Film 6,000 KRW

⑤ How to Purchase: Sign up/log into Purplay’s website(https://purplay.co.kr/kqff2022) and purchase tickets on its [22nd Korea Queer Film Festival Online Theater] page

⑥ Payment Methods: Credit card, KakaoPay, Micropayment, Real-time wire transfer, PayPal

⑦ Limitations: Streaming the following films overseas is restricted.

i. [Domestic Short Film1] From Fall To Summer

ii. [Domestic Short Film4] Transit

iii. [Domestic Short Film4] Butch up!

⑧ Cancel/Refunds: [Online Theater Tickets] cannot be refunded once they are paid for

※ No cancellations or refunds are allowed even if the tickets were not used during the screening period

⑨ Notice: All films will be watermarked

(3) Subtitles: For international films, only Korean subtitles are provided. 

(4) Rating: Ⓖ General Audiences, ⑫ Rated 12, ⑮ Rated 15, ⑱ Rated 18

(5) Signs for Side Events: GV(Guest Visit, Talk with the Director), QT(Queer movie TALK)

6) Side Events:

(1) Re-union: Meeting Again at the Theater [The 22nd Korea Queer Film Festival Ceremony]

① Date and Venue: 2022.07.23(Sat) 17:00, emu Cinema B1F Panta Garage

② Introduction: Celebrate the 22nd KQFF with various performances

(2) Rooftop Film Screening Event with emu Cinema

① Dates and Venue: 2022.07.22(Fri) 20:10, 2022.07.23(Sat) 20:10, emu Cinema 4F Gargan Rooftop

②  Introduction: Enjoy LGBTQ+ films on a summer night through our outdoor screening event. The 22nd Korea Queer Film Festival will hold a rooftop screening event with emu Cinema. Enjoy a variety of LGBTQ+ films on the rooftop as you feel the warm breeze of a summer night.

(3) GV(Guest Visit, Talk with the Audience)

① [Domestic Short Film1] non-adult age(미성년): 2022.07.24(Sun) 14:20, emu Cinema Auditorium 1, starts after screening 

② [Domestic Short Film2] What Happens to My Family(가족끼리 왜이래): 2022.07.23(Sat) 18:10, emu Cinema Auditorium 1, starts after screening

③ [Domestic Short Film3] Oh! strange(오! 妙하다): 2022.07.23(Sat) 17:10, Laika Cinema, starts after screening

④ [Domestic Short Film4] NOW OR NEVER: 2022.07.24(Sun) 16:20, Laika Cinema, Starts after screening

⑤ Introduction: The director, actors, or staff members who participated in the production of the movie will take the time to communicate with the audience.

(4) QT(Queer movie TALK)

① [Current Issue1] Drag on Screen: 2022.07.23(Sat) 16:20, emu Cinema Auditorium 2, starts after screening

② [Current Issue2] Queer Art: 2022.07.23(Sat) 14:30, Laika Cinema, starts after screening

③ [Current Issue3] Do you know Non-binary?: 2022.07.24(Sun) 18:40, emu Cinema Auditorium 2, starts after screening

④ Introduction: Queer movie talk invites professionals on specific issues to share in-depth conversations on each movie. Please join this opportunity to listen to, learn, and share various interpretations of the film and LGBTQ+ issues.